Scale Milled Hardwood For The Model Ship Builder



Crown Timberyard is closing it's virtual doors!

We have offered the finest milled hardwoods in exact dimensions to our customers for the last 4 years, but it is now time to move on.  Crown Timberyard has been a way to engage with the hobby that I have loved since boyhood by providing the wood that modelers all over the world use to build their models. Fortunately, I am blessed with an excellent career, volunteer commitments, and most especially my family including 4 kids from ages 1 through 10.  All of these commitments have grown over the past few years to the point where a choice has to be made as to which thing has to be cut out. Though I greatly enjoy milling wood for all of our customers, my family has to come first. 

For now, we greatly appreciate all of the support that our customers have shown us over the past few years. You have all been great! I hope to return to the hobby by actually building some models and sharing the hobby with my kids. Please see details about the store closing sale below.

Sincerely, Jason and Julia Clark

Store Closing Sale 6/24/2019

The Crown Timberyard store will reopen on the morning of 6/24/2019 to sell of our remaining stock of existing inventory. All items sold will be discounted and bundled. No custom orders, or regular mill work will be accepted. The sale will include the following items:

  • Packages of mixed strips
  • Packages of mixed sheets
  • Packages of Castello Boxwood sheets
  • Packages of Swiss Pear sheets
  • Packages of Walnut Sheets
  • Packages of Holly sheets
  • Packages of special large dimension sheets
  • A once used (never for milling product) Byrnes Thickness Sander
  • Small lumber including Boxwood, Swiss Pear, Cherry, Holly and More

All packages are mixed dimensions and are great for stocking up on some great wood for cheap. No substitutions will be offered, and all sales will be final on a first come first serve basis. Shipping will be billed separately for each order due to the size and weight of all of these items. All items are in stock and will be shipped once shipping has been arranged.  

We also have a sizable stock of Castello Boxwood lumber that could be sold as a lot, or as individual billets. The lumber is 10/4 billets between 5 and 6.5 feet long and 4 to 7 inches wide. Approximately 100 -150 board feet are available. Serious inquiries only. 

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